What is happening to the core of the earth?

This week a rather controversial note came out to say the least, surely you had already seen it, the note talks about the core of the earth and that it has stopped, now there is a lot of speculation and there is no shortage of those who want to take advantage of the clickbait, but let’s give a little light to this, let’s see what is really happening.

The study comes from the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Geophysics of Peking University in China, when carrying out this study they did not know that they would be found, since the core of the earth is something extremely mysterious since its difficult access prevents it from being studied in detail, for what every finding is dazzling, the core is responsible for generating the earth’s magnetic field and is almost as hot as the solar surface, and without it life on earth as we know it would not exist.

The researchers were studying the nature of earthquakes, the core was not the main thing, but there was a relationship, they found that the core was rotating faster than the surface, but since 2009 it seems to have stopped, Song Xiaodong and Yang Yi explained to the Nature Geoscience magazine.


So the core stopped or not?

It seems not, so you can forget about the plot of the movie “the core” coming true, what is happening is that the core of the earth has cycles, for example, approximately every 900 years the core gives a extra return to earth.

This phenomenon had already been seen before, in 1970, and it seems to be repeated every 70 years. But how will it affect life as we know it? Well, there it will have repercussions, since it will affect the entire planet, but as we already mentioned, forget about the apocalypse, the changes are minimal, the days will be shorter, by thousandths of seconds, a slight change in the magnetic field and changes in the weather , which are nothing compared to global warming, so we don’t have much to worry about on that topic.

Now, the scientific community has had discussions around this issue, although the vast majority seems to agree that there is a lack of evidence on the behavior of the core to be able to affirm that the core of the planet has stopped.

But the controversy comes from the fact that the studies by Yang and Song contrast with those of John Vidale, a seismologist at the University of Southern California, who last year published a study in which it was indicated that the earth’s core oscillates faster than we thought, the problem here is that there are other studies such as that of Hrvoje Tkalcic, a geophysicist at the Australian National University, where it is suggested that the cycles of the nucleus of the planet are not 70 years, but 20 or 30 years.
In the end, a whole mess.

As we said, the only consensus there is is that there is a lack of evidence about the earth’s core and its behavior, its relationship with the earth’s mantle and how it is affected by the Moon, because it seems that it also affects it. Now we know… more or less what is happening with the core of our planet, and it is not a catastrophe or apocalypse.