1.- The shipping of our products is free within the national territory, and applies to purchases greater than or equal to $1000 pesos. This amount may be modified without previous notice. In case the purchase has a price less than $1000 pesos, the shipping cost will be assigned automatically in the purchase process or by one of our representatives, who will update it according to the place of destination and will be by FEDEX ground service, to be charged with the order at the end of the purchase.

2.- The average delivery time is 2 to 3 workdays, but may vary depending on the location and access to the destination, so the Customer must be tracking your order on the page or 01 800 00 Fedex, to know the delivery times and status of the order.

3.- Orders are shipped the same workday if the payment is credited and confirmed before 2pm (CDMX time), however, it may be extended as the collection by FEDEX is made later. Otherwise, they will be shipped the next workday unless the pickup is not made due to FEDEX reasons or force majeure (environmental contingencies, blockades, etc.), which is attributable to SKYSHOP.

4.- It is essential to have the correct and complete address, including postal code, contact telephone number and name who will receive the equipment. SKYSHOP is not responsible for delays due to lack of information.

5.- The equipment is shipped protected with security packaging or with its transport box. If any type of packaging or special handling is required that merits an extra cost, SKYSHOP must be notified in advance.


1.- This service is with additional charge and will be shown as an option before the purchase. If the customer does not choose express shipping it will be sent as ground service, if it qualifies as free shipping.

2.- There are remote or infrequent locations that do not have this type of service, so the customer must check in advance of payment if your location qualifies for next day on the page or 01 800 900 11 00.

3.- In some cases, the choice of this service does not guarantee that your package will arrive the next day, as it depends on the pick up service, as well as delays or force majeure causes (environmental contingencies, blockades, etc.), which is attributable to SKYSHOP. Por lo que se sugiere estar consultando el paquete en la página de Fedex México o al 01 800 900 11 00.

4.- Express service does not apply on holidays or weekends (Saturday and Sunday), i.e. in these cases the next workday will be counted either for shipping (if the purchase is paid after 2pm) or for delivery of the product.


1.- It is possible to change shipping company, but it will be with extra charge to the Customer, for this, you must make the request before the purchase to SKYSHOP staff to review the availability of the service and make a shipping quote, it is likely that this will involve an extra business day of waiting to place the shipment.

2.- Shipping costs in another company may vary when presented in branch, if there is a new price or extra charge, will be notified to the customer before sending the product, taking into account the time involved, may incur the shipment in another day of delay. In case of a credit balance, the difference will be refunded to the Customer.


1.- The Customer may choose to send the equipment to a branch authorized to receive shipments. If this is the case, the customer must verify if the branch office chosen to receive the equipment has this service on the website and must specify the address of the branch office in the shipping address form.

2.- The shipment via the occurrence does not exempt the Customer from providing all the personal and address information necessary to elaborate the order. Likewise, the Customer may appoint a representative who can pick up the product at the office, always considering that the representative’s official identification will be requested.


1.- Shipping costs outside Mexico will be calculated and sent by e-mail, upon request of the Customer, who will provide all the necessary information to SKYSHOP.

2.-SKYSHOP is not responsible for import costs or other charges in the destination country.

3. There are countries that by agreements with the manufacturer or by the Mexican legislation, SKYSHOP is not allowed to send some products to other countries, so SKYSHOP reserves the right to international shipments.


1.- The Customer must inspect the merchandise received from the Company, in case there is any anomaly, otherwise the merchandise will be considered as received to full satisfaction, being SKYSHOP with the only obligation to provide the warranty validation.

2.- In case the courier pretends to deliver an open or damaged package, the Customer must refrain from receiving the package, and must immediately notify the shipping company.

3.- In case you have received the damaged package, you must call 01 800 00 Fedex, commenting what happened and keeping the folio number. You must also communicate to SKYSHOP within 24 working hours after receiving the package, attaching photos of both the damaged equipment and the damaged packaging, so that SKYSHOP can continue with the claim.

4.- The courier service covers an insurance for damage or loss established by the courier and will not exceed $2500 pesos. In case you want a comprehensive insurance you must previously notify SKYSHOP for a quotation.


IMPORTANT. Before proceeding with the warranty process, please contact SKYSHOP, since in most cases the problem is solved with a call or advice from SKYS HOP.

1.- SKYSHOP is committed to repair the defective product, and if not possible to change the defective product. This at no cost to the customer.

2.- The guaranty of the merchandise is limited to one year from the date of purchase in products sold in SKYSHOP

3.- All merchandise under warranty must be accompanied by a copy or some evidence of purchase (photo proof or purchase order), as well as a clear description of the problem.

4.-The merchandise under warranty must be in its original packaging and accessories with which it was received.

5.- Any problem with the software will not be covered by the warranty.

6.- In case of not having similar merchandise for replacement under warranty, a credit note will be issued for the value paid and depreciated according to the use and/or deterioration of the merchandise, determined by the technical support area.


1.- When the merchandise presents physical damage or has been manipulated, disassembled or modified by the customer.

2.- In case the merchandise has been used in conditions different from the purposes for which it was intended.

3.- When it has been operated with incompatible accessories or accessories that affect its proper operation.

4.- When it has been intervened or altered by personnel not authorized by SKYSHOP’s technical support area.

5.- When the labels of the company, manufacturer or brand that identifies the product have been removed.

6.- When the normal warranty period has been exceeded.


1.- In case of not being satisfied with the product, you may return it to SKYSHOP within a maximum period of 3 working days after having received it, previously informing SKYSHOP the reasons.

2.- The customer must return the merchandise as received (new) with the shipping at his expense.

3.- SKYSHOP will make a physical evaluation of the merchandise by the technical support area, and this may not take more than 3 working days.

4.- SKYSHOP will exchange the equipment or refund the total purchase price if it is in good condition, this includes the content, operation, manuals, software, cables and original packaging.


1.- Prices are in Mexican Pesos and are subject to change without previous notice.

2.- All prices include 16% VAT.

3.- The payment options on the website and in the store are at the customer’s choice, SKYSHOP does not have any preference in the means of payment.

4.- In payments with Credit Card, the costumer must have the credit available, otherwise the system will reject the sale with the possibility that the card will be blocked.

5.- Monthly installments without interest will be valid only on Credit Cards, and the number of months will depend on the issuing Bank of the card, that is, if the option for monthly installments does not appear, it is because the issuing Bank has not authorized such action in SKYSHOP .

5.- It is the Client’s responsibility to include clear and true data, likewise, if requested, to send the necessary information to validate the payment.


1.- By making a purchase, each and every one of the terms and conditions referred to above are accepted.

2.- In case of controversy, the contracting parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Mexico City.

3.- All rights of the content of this web page, regarding texts, design and software; are property of SKYSHOP. The images, brands and logos of the equipment shown here are property of each manufacturer and/or distributor.

4.- Unless explicitly authorized, you may not produce, transmit or exploit the content, features and products contained in this website in any way.

5.- SKYSHOP is not responsible for the information contained in third party websites connected by links.