Devil’s comet approaches the earth

You’ve probably heard of the devil’s comet, and no, it couldn’t hit the earth.

On October 5 a comet exploded, this comet is known as 12/pons-Brooks, although nowadays it is called the devil comet.

The reality is that only part of the comet was so named. After the explosion, comet 12/Pons-Brooks suffered large fractures, as well as the detachment of dust and ice, exposing two horn-shaped superstructures, which earned it the name of devil comet.

The most impressive feature is that it is three times larger than Everest, the highest mountain on our planet, with almost nine kilometers, and its composition of gas, ice and dust makes it a cryovolcano according to astronomers.

The question that concerns us is when can we see it? Well, according to Live Science the comet will reach its peak and closest to Earth on Sunday, April 21, 2024, on this date it can be seen without the need for very advanced instruments, so it can be captured by amateur telescopes and astronomical grade binoculars.

The spectacle will be such that it will not be repeated for 71 years, i.e. it will be possible to see it again in 2095.

The question on everyone’s mind because of the headlines, Will it hit the ground?

The answer is, no, the comet will not hit the earth, and there is no risk in the next encounter between our planet and the comet, so we can breathe easy, we won’t see a Bruce Willis in Armageddon, or a Dont Look Up.

Our recommendation is that you start preparing a place to see the comet next year, and tune up your telescope and your finder skills, you’re going to need them!
As we have already said, it is a spectacle that will be repeated until 2095.