The Retrograde Motion of the Planets

This is a movement that occurs in the planets, and more than once you may have heard the expressions like Mercury retrograde, but despite its implication in astrology, it has nothing to do with how you behave.

Retrograde motion is an event in which a planet appears to reverse the direction of its motion.

It is well known that the earth revolves around the sun and just as the planets generally move in the same direction as the sun, basically they all rotate in a certain harmony, from west to east, as astronomers call this motion direct or prograde motion.

There is a certain cycle that repeats itself and in that time the planets seem to move backwards, from east to west. This movement, called apparent retrograde motion, is caused by the difference in velocity of the plantar orbits.

For example, Mars, whose orbit is slower than Earth’s, as the red planet approaches and our blue dot gives the illusion that Mars is moving backwards. We basically overrun it, and that makes it appear to us as if it is moving backwards.

This visual effect that puzzled ancient astronomers was solved by Copernicus and his Heliocentric system and then they realized that everything was an optical illusion, like when you keep looking at the rims of a bike or a car and after a while they seem to rotate in the opposite direction, it is basically the same, but on a planetary scale.

And you may wonder which planets are currently in retrograde, well Mercury is the closest from August 23 to January 1, 2024, this phenomenon occurs simultaneously many times, for example

Saturn from June 17 to November 4

Neptune from June 30 to December 6

Venus from July 22 to September 4

Uranus from August 29 to January 27, 2024

Jupiter from September 4 to December 31

As you will see there are quite a few and for a long time, so if these days you see that a planet is going in reverse you should not panic and much less believe that this movement will affect your daily life in any behavior or your luck.

If you wish to see this phenomenon in action, remember that you must make continuous and periodic observations, once the effect is over, you will immediately notice the change, if you do, let us know how it went.