To maintain security is a fundamental aspect for SKY SHOP. We highlight basic security aspects such as the following:

Authentication. It consists of verifying the identity of the agents participating in a communication or exchange of information. The most common ways to authenticate are key-based, address-based, and cryptographic. The latter is the safest, since, in the other two, there is the possibility that someone intercepts the information and can impersonate the identity of the sender.

Confidentiality. This aspect of security allows information to be kept secret and only authorized users can manipulate it. To maintain confidentiality, data encryption or coding techniques are used.

Integrity. This security capacity prevents the transmitted information from being modified by a person outside the transmission. It is achieved through the use of digital signatures.

I do not repudiate. This aspect consists of verifying that the participants in the transmission of information have really participated in it. With this we achieve, on both sides of the communication, that whoever has sent the message cannot deny it.

-For security in transactions and means of payment.

We have a secure server on our SKY SHOP website that establishes an encrypted connection with the client that has requested the connection, so that no one except the server and the client can access the transmitted information in a useful way.

The operation of a secure server is as follows: a client accesses our website through the address and, once the connection is established, requests a secure connection. Then, if it is a secure server, it will respond to the request by sending an electronic certificate, in which a key from the certification authority will be integrated.

Then the client will generate an encrypted key and send it to the server. From here, both will be able to establish a secure communication based on the keys that only they know. The use of secure servers is an essential element in all those services that use confidential information, such as online banking, Internet purchases, access to sensitive data servers, etc.

Clients will know you are on a secure server because the web page address will start with “https” instead of “http”. Also, a closed padlock will appear at the bottom right of the browser window.

Our objectives of transmitting security are the following:

1) We offer clear and concise information about the products and their conditions.

2) Use a secure server where the SKY SHOP page is hosted

3) We have security policies for the SKY SHOP website server to increase customer confidence in purchases.

4) We take care of the privacy of customer data. Request only the necessary data.

5) We provide customers with information about the company’s privacy policy.

6) We offer various payment alternatives.