Rescuing the ISS astronauts

Many will remember that last year some micro meteorites caused damage to the International Space Station (ISS), specifically to a coolant tank of the Soyuz capsule that was in charge of returning the astronauts to earth.

Normally this problem would have minor connotations politically speaking, however, lately international tempers have been very heated due to the invasion suffered by Ukraine, this made negotiations difficult and NASA was already talking about a mission with SPACEX to rescue the stranded astronauts, fortunately the Cooperation between NASA and ROSCOSMOS continued and a mission to rescue the stranded astronauts has already been launched.

Last Friday the Soyuz MS-23 Capsule took off from Kazakhastan, at the Baikonur spaceport, to bring astronauts Frank Rubio, Serguei Prokopiev and Dmitri Petelin to earth, and although we are very happy to hear this, the mission It had already been delayed, not only for political reasons, there was another reason for the delays that the rescue suffered and that could still affect.

The reason for this time extension was due to a leak similar to the suffered Soyuz capsule, but this time in the Progress MS-21 spacecraft that has been docked to the ISS since October, a commission is already investigating the event, for now it is known that it was an external blow that caused the damage and depressurization of the ship.

The Progress was undocked on February 18 and returned to earth in unmanned mode, the Soyuz MS 23 successfully docked today, Monday, February 27, while the ISS was flying over Mongolia, the good thing is that the capsule is already on the ISS The downside is that due to the depressurization of one of the modules, the mission could be delayed further, perhaps up to five months, meaning that the astronauts could be on the ISS until September.

We hope the crew returns from their space odyssey safe and healthy.

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