A mother ship watches over us

Well, this news seems to be taken from a movie like Independence Day, or that classic comedy Martians attacking, but since the title is misleading, things are not as most media paint it.

The Pentagon draft suggests that there is a mother ship, coming from somewhere in the universe, it has been observing and studying us for decades, it sends small probes to study us, as NASA and ESA do with their probes on Mars, this possibility gained strength due to objects interstellars with strange behaviors like Moamoa and IM2.

The reason why there is talk of a Mothership is because of the aforementioned Moamoa object and because it would be the easiest way to launch the exploration probes, since doing it the Voyager way would take too long or be detected more easily.

This draft came to light on March 7, said document was written by Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Office of Resolution of Anomalies in all Domains (AARO), and although the name sounds like science fiction, it is not, this section The Pentagon is dedicated to finding and pursuing UFOs and UFOs and they work closely with the Harvard physics department, so they are not charlatans.

In the words of Sean Kirkpatrick himself “An interstellar object could potentially be a lead ship that releases many small probes during its near-Earth passage”, of course it is possible, but this is where one has to read carefully, since the word “might” is not an assertion.

The Article is under review, so nothing has been confirmed, but due to the latest declassifications of US documents on unidentified objects, a small fever about UFOs will be generated.

What almost no one notices about the draft is that it also recognizes that there are limitations in determining the image of the objects and in the interpretations of the data. And of course in the same draft it is noted that due to the great distance the distinction of these objects may have errors, since it is very typical that these encounters are at great distances, in order to obtain good images of acceptable resolution.

Therefore, the existence of an alien mother ship was not reported, but a hypothesis of what it could be, and if we think about it, it is quite normal to reach said possibility due to the immensity of the universe and its possibilities.